Finding The Best Online Cigar Store For Fine Cigars

What Are The Best Cigars For That Relaxing Smoke?

You’re reading this to find out ‘some’ of the best online cigar stores, and what I’m going to do instead is tell you the absolute best cigar to choose for that relaxing smoke, in my opinion. I highly doubt that there is any way you will be disappointed.

I have smoked many fine cigars in the past, and I like cigar pairings with drinks, coffee and the likes. Smoking a nice cigar is very relaxing, and I like to smoke one either on my balcony or on the beach. I’m not a cigar aficionado by any means, but I have recently just smoked a cigar that blew all the others away.

Have you ever tried Montecristo cigars? I urge you to get a Montecristo Churchill cigar, and see if it’s not the best cigar you’ve ever puffed and tasted. My sister bought me one for my birthday, and the cigar, while strong, is so very smooth! The flavors are appealing to the palate, yet they are not overburdening. Not even the smoke is too powerful, which is definitely a good thing.

Montecristo is definitely one of the biggest names in the cigar industry, no doubt. The Churchill version of these good cigars is a full seven inches long, and it has a 50 ring gauge. This cigar is constructed quite nicely, and the reviews are extremely positive about the flavors, the fact that it burns evenly and that it lasts for quite a long time.

Don’t you want to end your night with a prolonged smoke on your favorite cigar? I actually enjoyed this cigar in both places, the beach and the balcony. If you’re looking for the best cigars to try, how about narrowing that decision down to the absolute best one out there. This cigar hails from the Dominican Republic, a place known for some of the best cigars.

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